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LUKAS GOES ON THE ROAD WITH GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS You Can Count on the World’s Smartest Horse! Walnut, California – Lukas (, the World’s Smartest Horse (according to the World Records Academy) and Guinness World Record Holder (“Most numbers correctly identified by a horse in one minute: 19”), is currently being featured in the Guinness World Records “OMG! On the Road” series....

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Video du Jour: The world’s smartest horse? Meet Lukas, a 19-year-old off-the-track thoroughbred that the Guinness Book of World Records has declared “the smartest horse in the world.” Lukas is able to count, identify different numbers and shapes, spell his owners’ names, and perform various tricks. On June 16, 2010, he swept the Guinness record for “Most Numbers Identified By a Horse In One Minute”–he...

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Lukas and Louis Vuitton World’s Smartest Horse in Prestige Magazine News Flash – Paulick Report, Abundant Hope, Discover Horses, Good Relationships, Relaxed Horsemanship, That’s Really Wild, Equilink Times, Horsealacious, Just Equus, Equine Chronicle, Happy News, My Horse, Equine Welfare Alliance, Horse and Friends Radio Walnut, California – Lukas, the World’s Smartest Horse (according to...

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Lukas Has Plenty to Smile About World’s Smartest Horse Grabs a Guinness   Walnut, California --- Lukas (, the World’s Smartest Horse (according to the World Records Academy) and Guinness World Record Holder (“Most numbers correctly identified by a horse in one minute: 19”), has been featured in Caters! Caters news is the United Kingdom’s leading independent photo...

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Lukas, rescued former racehorse, receives Award Certificate for his hard work and inspiration in setting Guinness World Record

On December 10, 2010, Assemblyman Curt Hagman (Chino, CA) presented Lukas’ owner/trainer Karen Murdock with a certificate to congratulate her and Lukas for their hard work and Lukas’ demonstration of superior intelligence, which earned him a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Lukas was recently declared “World’s Smartest Horse for…Most Numbers Correctly identified by a Horse in One Minute.”

Assemblyman Hagman expressed his gratitude to Karen and Lukas for reminding California residents of their rural roots and how important it is to assure that the next generation respects and appreciates the roll of horses and other  animals in preserving that connection.  He also commended Karen and Lukas’ community efforts to educate and encourage families to involve their children in wholesome, humane activities involving animals.

Lukas, an off-the-track thoroughbred gelding, could have had a pretty dismal future because he wasn’t much of a runner.  Then Karen adopted him and discovered that he was more of a nerd than a jock, and Lukas’ entire life changed. Her love and patience helped him develop and exhibit his mathematical ability.

Lukas is a living example that just finding the right niche in life can unleash spectacular talents.  If Lukas has a favorite song, it’s probably, “You’re Nobody ’Til Somebody Loves You.”

Lukas and Karen are now sharing their love as Lukas donates his time to non-profit causes to “…promote hope and happiness for all creatures,” including an invitation to participate in the “Wounded Warriors Program,” which provides services for severely wounded veterans..  Karen Murdock is also working on training videos to encourage the kind practices that enabled Lukas to shine.

Lukas wishes everyone a very happy holiday.   [Read more...]

Submitted:  December 22, 2010

LUKAS – World’s Smartest Horse To Get A Facelift And An Entourage

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After Inside Edition,  What’s Next – A Stylist?

Inside Edition with Deborah Norville: “Move over Mr. Ed, we have found the smartest horse in the world!  You’re looking at the world’s smartest horse. His name is Lukas, he’s seventeen years old and he can count up to five. Even when we put the numbers in a different order, Lukas still counted them down!”

Lukas – listed on Yahoo, Google and the World Records Academy as the “World’s Smartest Horse” -  owned and trained by Karen Murdock, is getting some much needed help. His web-site is expanding  to accommodate a wider audience and he now has several assistants to manage his growing popularity. Murdock has enlisted the expertise of Mr. Hadi Khalil of International Production & Advertising ( to update the site of “the million-hit-horse” ( Mr. Khalil, an experienced professional with an extensive background in television, states: “We’ll be giving Lukas a whole new look – showcasing his extraordinary talents and accomplishments in a very user-friendly and attractive package.”  IPA will provide the site with advanced technology and navigation, a blog, high definition pictures and videos, a calendar of events, and much more.

Lukas’ new assistant Staci Jansma ( will be overseeing  the technical aspects of his broadening connections, and she and her crew will allow Murdock and Lukas to do what they do best:  PLAY.

Also, a stylist may not be far behind:  Lukas’ new Costume Montage to be released soon!! (

Playing With Lukas Book Launch

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World’s Smartest Horse Book Released

The world may never be the same again

Playing With Lukas. the long-awaited saga of “The Word’s Smartest Horse” is available now as an e-book!! Lukas, ex-racer “Just Ask Mike,” is a rescue that has become a shining beacon to horse lovers across the globe. He’s as adored for his cognitive abilities as much as for his liberty maneuvers and special relationship with owner/trainer Karen Murdock. A remarkable true tale of an extraordinary journey of two cast-offs and some unusual surprises are sure to keep readers riveted. As much a love story as a training guide, Playing With Lukas is a touching and inspiring adventure that celebrates hope and happiness and a change in the world for the better.

Many of our friends are featured in Playing With Lukas and it is a tribute to what can be accomplished with love and determination. What has made Lukas’ story so compelling is the convergence of mainstream concern about the treatment of horses and the transformational shift in the way animals are viewed and treated. Lukas’ superstardom—he’s been featured on NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, HLN, Equisearch, EquineVIP, RFD-Radio, and Pet Life Radio—has been for the sole purpose of sharing the happy results of kind training and to show how wonderful and intelligent animals are.

“Animal lovers are passionate about their pets,” says Murdock, “and with Lukas I’ve just demonstrated what they already knew about their own animals. I wrote this book because I wanted to show not only horse owners, but all owners of pets what they could accomplish with a little patience and a lot of love.”

A fascinating glimpse into the world of horse intelligence and behavior combined with the triumph of overcoming extreme hardship makes Playing With Lukas one of the most important contributions to the study of horse training and horse-human interactions available. Sometimes, we can change the world, even if it takes a horse to do it.

The book is available at Lulu ( as an e-book or a print version, and will be released in the spring at

World’s Smartest Horse Expanding His Mission: Dogs, Cats, Birds And Fish?!

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Lukas to appear at america’s family pet expo in april

LUKAS, “The World’s Smartest Horse” (according to Yahoo and Google), and owner/trainer Karen Murdock, are extending their friendships to include all animals and the people who love them. America’s Family Pet Expo will be held April 16 – 18, 2010, at the Orange County fairgrounds in Southern California. It’s the largest pet expo in the country and record-breaking crowds are expected this year. According to Debbie Mazur, the A.F.P.E. event planner: “We have been considering equine participation for years, and when we saw Lukas, we knew it was the perfect match!” Murdock believes that “this is a way for the public, especially children, to be exposed to the wonderful world of horses and to learn about ways to become involved with them.”

Also, now on the appearance roster are: Fighting Ferrari (who played “Seabiscuit” in the movie), a vaulting club and a rodeo drill team. As usual, Lukas will represent the California Thoroughbred Breeders’ Association and TROTT (Training Racehorses Off The Track). Both the C.T.B.A. and TROTT are non-profits and are dedicated to responsible horse awareness and ownership. If there is any way that Lukas and Murdock can help our A.H.P. friends (freely) during this event, please feel free to contact Murdock with your ideas. We are devoted to sharing the hope and happiness that animals bring. Looking forward to meeting everyone!