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LUKAS GOES ON THE ROAD WITH GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS You Can Count on the World’s Smartest Horse! Walnut, California – Lukas (, the World’s Smartest Horse (according to the World Records Academy) and Guinness World Record Holder (“Most numbers correctly identified by a horse in one minute: 19”), is currently being featured in the Guinness World Records “OMG! On the Road” series....

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Video du Jour: The world’s smartest horse? Meet Lukas, a 19-year-old off-the-track thoroughbred that the Guinness Book of World Records has declared “the smartest horse in the world.” Lukas is able to count, identify different numbers and shapes, spell his owners’ names, and perform various tricks. On June 16, 2010, he swept the Guinness record for “Most Numbers Identified By a Horse In One Minute”–he...

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Lukas and Louis Vuitton World’s Smartest Horse in Prestige Magazine News Flash – Paulick Report, Abundant Hope, Discover Horses, Good Relationships, Relaxed Horsemanship, That’s Really Wild, Equilink Times, Horsealacious, Just Equus, Equine Chronicle, Happy News, My Horse, Equine Welfare Alliance, Horse and Friends Radio Walnut, California – Lukas, the World’s Smartest Horse (according to...

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Lukas Has Plenty to Smile About World’s Smartest Horse Grabs a Guinness   Walnut, California --- Lukas (, the World’s Smartest Horse (according to the World Records Academy) and Guinness World Record Holder (“Most numbers correctly identified by a horse in one minute: 19”), has been featured in Caters! Caters news is the United Kingdom’s leading independent photo...

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: World Record Holding Horse Honored by California State Assemblyman

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Chino Hills, CA – December 19, 2010 – Seventeen-year-old thoroughbred gelding Lukas, widely recognized as the world’s smartest horse and holder of the world record for most numbers identified in 60 seconds, has been honored with an award certificate from State Assemblyman Curt Hagman. In a letter accompanying the certificate, Hagman congratulated trainer Karen Murdock for her tireless work with Lukas, saying “I extend my congratulations to you for all of your hard work in training Lukas.  I encourage you to continue the great work and wish you continued success in your future endeavors.”

Lukas, an ex-racer and former rescue, was recently approved by Guinness for his history-making record by correctly identifying nineteen random numbers in less than sixty seconds.  According to a recent America Online interview, Murdock states “This is the fastest we’ve ever done this. Guinness has very rigid specifications, so I couldn’t praise him and that was difficult!”

Lukas is an off-the-track thoroughbred gelding who reached international acclaim following his YouTube debut in 2009.  His legendary story has spread to fifty-one countries and his media links continue to grow.  Lukas has been profiled on NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, HLN and Inside Edition and in feature stories released by the Associated Press and America Online.  His journey has been heard on Pet Talk Live Radio, Pet Life Radio, Pet Place Radio, All Paws Pet Talk Radio, RFD-Radio and Animal Talk Radio.  Lukas was nominated for the 2010 Equine Vision Award sponsored by Pfizer and American Horse Publications and he’s been invited to participate in the Wounded Warriors program.

Lukas’ time and services are donated to promote hope and happiness for all creatures.  Murdock’s speech excerpts and training videos to encourage kind practices will be available soon.

For more information about Lukas and his extraordinary achievements, please visit


Contact Information:
Karen Murdock
phone: (714) 403-7730 showcases Lukas, The World’s Smartest Horse

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Getting to Guinness and Video of Lukas!

GETTING TO GUINNESS The World Record That Almost Wasn’t “How would you and Lukas like to try for a Guinness record?” the inquiry in my mailbox read. The message was from Louise Ireland, Talent Manager at Guinness World … [Read More...]

A Horse Is a Horse, Of Course….Unless He’s LUKAS!

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WORLD’S SMARTEST HORSE Making Headlines As An Ambassador For All Animals

Chino Hills, California - Lukas, the World’s Smartest Horse (officially recognized by the World Records Academy in 2010) has attracted global attention during his touching journey from a racetrack reject to a shining beacon for kind treatment towards all creatures. Owner/trainer Karen Murdock located some of his recent news headlines – with over 550,000 references to him on Google, this wasn’t hard to do! We wish to thank the following supporters and many countless others who have shared Lukas’ story and generated hope and happiness to make the world a better place for all of us.

ABC News: Horse Used To Spook In His Own Stall, Now A Trick Star!

Angelea Walkup: HorseGirlTV – Meet Lukas – Horse of The Month!

Animal Tracks: Horseplay!

Arts and Entertainment News: Lukas Live With Guinness!

Australian Horse: Equine Brainiac Lukas Ready For World Record Bid!

Brenda McCarthy: Blaze Magazine – Be Happy, Do Good For Others And Brush Your Teeth!

David Moye: America Online – World’s Smartest Horse Is No Smart-Ass

Equestrian News: Karen Murdock’s Lukas Is A Barnyard Brainiac

Equisearch: Lukas Opens Eyes To The Potential All Horses Have

Esther Marr: The BloodHorse – Is This Horse Smarter Than A 5th Grader?

Happy NewsWorld’s Smartest Horse Shows His Talents

Herald TimesTroubled Horse Now An Internet Star!

Humanitarian NewsWorld’s Smartest Horse Knows Shapes, Spells His Name

Kim Miller: Riding Magazine – Tricks And Treats, L.A. Horsewoman Uses Tricks To Create Remarkable Bond With Horses

Linda Ann Nickerson: Equestrian Examiner – Retired Racehorse Lukas Learns New Tricks As Canter Spokeshorse for California

Lisa Kemp: Equine Chronicle – The Horse That Failed His Way To Success

Marti McGinnis: Equine Connection – Lukas Appointed To E.C. Board Of Directors!

Neil Clark: Horsetalk, NZ – Super-Smart Lukas Finds A Glittering Career

News OnlineWorld’s Smartest Horse Helping Other Retiring Racers

Orange County RegisterGelding Bucks Abuse To Become A Star!

Samantha Penley: The HorsePedia – The Throwaway

Science and Research NewsLukas, World’s Smartest Horse, To Attempt Guinness Record!!

Sharla Sanders: The Second Race - Lukas, The World’s Smartest Horse And The Good News He Spreads

Sue Manning: The Associated Press – Old Horse, New Tricks

Sue Salk: Off-The-Track Thoroughbreds – Ex-Racehorse Wins Media Celebrity

Susan Ashbrook: Equine VIP – Lukas, The World’s Smartest Horse, Gets An “A”

The BulletinHow An Abused Gelding Rose To Stardom

The HorseLukas, The World’s Smartest Horse, To Release His Documentary Soon

Trot on TVIs Lukas The Cleverest Horse In The World?

World Records Academy: Smartest Horse – World Record Set By Lukas The Horse!

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Special thanks for the wonderful staff at The Horse and the kindness of Teri Rehkopf at NW HorseSource who managed to cover many of the above headline stories. Lukas’ Documentary, videos and more links can be viewed at:

How a Woman and a Horse Found a Private World of Animal Intelligence and Themselves

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Playing With Lukas

How a Woman and a Horse Found a Private World of
Animal Intelligence and Themselves

Chino Hills, California- – Lukas, the World’s Smartest Horse (officially recognized by the World Records Academy and rankings on Yahoo and Google) has launched the second edition book of his hit book Playing With Lukas and the rave reviews are coming in!

According to Dressage Today book reviewer Mary Daniels: “Playing With Lukas is the most unique book on training I have yet to see…Author Karen Murdock heads one of her chapters with a quote by Helen Keller,…an icon of spiritual strength: ‘Although the world is full of suffering it is full also of the overcoming of it.’ This is what this self- published book really is about – how two beings, who couldn’t find their place in life, finally did through each other. It’s a wonderful story of the triumph of the spirit.”

“Dressage had always appealed to her, and she tried formal training at the start of Lukas’ career, but it did not work out. So she created her own method, achieving impressive results. She uses a form of liberty training – no whip but with subtle physical cues – in a non-confrontational way. Her three primary tools are shaping (light touch), a behavior modification term, a version of clicker training using vocal sounds instead; and positive reinforcement.”

“Murdock did it her own way and feels Lukas gave her as much as she gave him. Their journey serves as an example of how far-reaching the healing powers of love and compassion can be.”

The seventeen year old ex-racer and former rescue isn’t letting all the attention distract him from his message of hope and happiness though – he recently took on the fun challenge of learning to sit without any equipment/one single touch from owner/trainer Karen Murdock to show that animals can be taught without the use of any force.

What does Lukas’ press agent Susan Johnston have to say about all this? When asked to share her bio for distribution, Johnston humbly responded: “Let’s just keep spreading joy.” Even the World’s Smartest Horse couldn’t have said it better.


Lukas is a 17-year old registered off-the-track Thoroughbred gelding. The ex-racer’s legendary story reached international acclaim within months of his You Tube debut in 2009. His web-site had visitors from forty-one countries last month alone while his media links have continued to grow. After leaving the race track, Lukas ended up neglected and emaciated in a backyard. Karen purchased him as a “green project horse” when he was nine years old, eight years ago. Drawing from her own life experience and professional background as a psychiatric nurse, Karen employed patience, appreciation, kindness, compassion, and humor to bring out the potential in Lukas. He was transformed from being very uncooperative and dangerous to being ranked on Yahoo, Google and the World Records Academy as “The World’s Smartest Horse,” and Guinness is currently considering a record related to his feats. He has been on NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, HLN, Inside Edition, World Entertainment News Network, Equine Connection, Equestrian Examiner, For Equestrians, Equisearch, The HorsePedia, Pet Life Radio, RFD-Radio, Pet Talk Live Radio and many others. Also, the Associated Press and America Online released feature stories about him. He was nominated to receive the 2010 Equine Vision Award sponsored by Pfizer and American Horse Publications.

For more information, to interview Murdock, or to review the book or documentary Playing With Lukas, please contact Karen Murdock – – (714) 403-7730. To watch the Playing With Lukas documentary please visit