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Karen and Lukas have a book!

“Being an intensely private person, I had originally, and naively, thought I could give you, the reader, a picture of Lukas’ transformation by merely describing what we did together. It quickly became clear that his and my relationship is what has generated so much attention, and that our love for each other should be the basis for his tale…”

So begins the extraordinary account of Karen Murdock and her horse Lukas. In 2002, when she purchased the nine-year-old chestnut gelding, a former racehorse and now a sorely neglected yard animal, neither had any idea how both their lives were soon about to be transformed forever. At the time, Murdock worked as a psychiatric nurse handling mentally ill patients. Using her experience as a neglected child herself, and the employing the traits of patience, appreciation, kindness, compassion, and humor she used in her work, she eventually formed a deep bond with her horse and trained Lukas to perform many tricks. Today, Lukas is being billed as the “World’s Smartest Horse”.

“…I was convinced that this book would need to be more than a training manual, which was my first intention, and I would tell our story from the beginning. I had seen that a horse could indeed make a difference in the world, and I’ve dedicated our work to sharing the happy results of ‘kind’ training and to showing others that animals are intelligent and deserve humane treatment.”

In Playing With Lukas, both Karen and Lukas hope to share their mission of providing happy futures for former racehorses, as well as showing all pet owners the benefits of “kind” training. This 116-page book is available for immediate download as an e-book or in paperback format. Upcoming will be a book that includes details of Karen’s training methods.

“What Karen has done with Lukas is truly remarkable. Often Thoroughbreds are thought of as ‘throw aways’...Karen was able to take a horse long past the years when someone would think him ‘useful’ and allowed his personality and intelligence to shine...second chances are good for both human and equine souls,” says Sharla Sanders, founder of The Second Race.

“Karen Murdock is proud of her horse and the tricks he’s learned, all at liberty and without a whip in sight. She hopes that his accomplishments can inspire other success stories. It’s amazing what you can do with training methods based on kindness, patience, and a foundation of positive reinforcement,” says Lisa Kemp at the Equine Chronicle.

“People used to say that Thoroughbreds were too ‘flighty’ to train. With a world-renowned trickster named Lukas to prove them wrong, who would dare say that again?” wrote Esther Marr of The Blood Horse Magazine.